About us

Telling stories about badass women through film, TV and books. 

As an actor, Eline Mets wanted to portray strong women in her work. However, she waited years for someone to create a role of her dreams not realizing she had to be the one writing it. Being active in the motocross scene and diving deeper as a writer and director, Eline realized that multidimensional and badass women are still not being represented in the media and their stories are not being told and products for badass riders are not being created. Eline has made it her mission to change that.

In 2017 Eline created Badass Chicks Productions and her first TV show pilot Diaries of Badass Chicks and its series Kickstarter campaign in 2019 garnered worldwide attention. 

In 2020, Eline wrote the world's first spiritual motorcycle poetry book - From Sky to Infinity, which will launch on 11.11.2022.


In every production and when creating each product, Badass Chicks Productions aims to include and involve as many local women riders as possible and help them tell their stories to show little girls watching a diverse range of badass role models.